Temporary Art School

Temporary Art School was a project initiated by Beth Dynowski in Aberdeen in March 2012 as a self-organising, free to all, temporary educational institution, situated at various sites across the city. Courses included Art & Philosophy, Art & Religion, and Art & Politics, and there were workshops offered in subjects such as sound art, drawing, performance and Dematerialisation. I worked with printmaker Katie Shambles to coordinate the Art & Politics course, looking at screen-printing's historical importance politically, and teaching a group of around 12 people some basic screen-printing techniques*. In the final week of the course we ventured into the streets of Aberdeen city centre to offer passersby the opportunity to make their own prints on our mobile screen-print unit. We also gave away the hundreds of prints that were produced during the course. This excursion into public space gave us the chance to experience the hidden hierarchy of agencies, both governmental and commercial, who lay claim to the control of these spaces. "Politics is the art of controlling your environment." Dr Hunter S Thompson (*With kind support from Peacock Visual Arts.)

For more photographs of the project click HERE.
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